Mobile veterinary services for London | St. Thomas | Strathroy | Ingersoll | Port Burwell | Port Stanley

We take the stress out of traveling to the vet

Your four-legged family members find it easier to get through a full examination because they are in their own environment.

We are here for your follow up questions

We know that your pet’s care doesn’t end with the appointment. You can call or email us anytime.

We review previous records

Continuity is very important to us. If this is your first visit we will carefully review your previous records.

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7 Things to Consider When Getting a Pet

There are many reasons you might be considering pet ownership. You could be looking for companionship, wanting to show a child the joys and responsibilities that come with a pet, or maybe it is something you have wanted for many years and the time is finally right....

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5 Most Popular Dog Breeds

Dog owners, much like their trusted companions, exemplify loyalty. It’s not unusual to hear a proud owner espousing the superior qualities of their chosen breed, and using their own pet as the benchmark for perfection.“Poodles, too smart!”“Huskies are the happiest...

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Understanding Your Pet’s Body Language

You probably already have an idea of what your dog or cat is thinking. Cross-species communication has been key to the evolutionary success of dogs, humans and to lesser extent cats.Some animals are expert communicators. If my dog is standing in front of me and...

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