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When it comes to the medical needs of your pet you have a lot of options and one of the first decisions to make is choosing whether you will use a traditional vet, stationed out of a clinic or a mobile vet that comes to you?

In this post we are going to discuss the advantages of using a mobile vet. If you decide a traditional vet is a better choice Dahl Mobile Veterinary Service will be happy we were able to help you make an informed decision. The health and happiness of your pet are what we care about most.

Let’s start by explaining what we mean when we say traditional and mobile.

traditional-vetTraditional vets are what people are most familiar with. They operate out of a brick and mortar clinic or animal hospital. You schedule an appointment and you take your pet to them.

Most people aren’t as familiar with the concept of a mobile vet despite it being widely practiced for many generations. Agricultural, country or farm vets have been offering mobile services for decades, if not longer. Imagine a farmer with a sick cow trying to bring it to the vet! In rural settings, mobile vets are a necessity.

It’s a similar service in an urban setting, just substitute the cow with a dog or cat. With a mobile vet you schedule an appointment but instead of you going to the clinic the vet comes to you. The procedures are carried out in the comfort of your own home.

Now that we have identified what we mean by traditional and mobile we can get down to why a mobile vet might be the best choice for you and your pet. As a responsible owner, you only want the best for your pet, but what is truly best?

A mobile vet might offer advantages in areas such as comfort, safety, and convenience but we will also discuss cost and services.


A visit from a mobile veterinarian, is exciting for your pet since someone new is visiting their home. But compared to taking your pet to a clinic a home visit is fairly relaxing. The vet arrives at your home and interacts with the patient, most animals can be won over with treats. The doctor performs the necessary treatments and the checkup is over.

black-cat-relaxingBoth dogs and cats are significantly less stressed when they’re in familiar surroundings. Think of it as a check up for your pet but carrying it out on their terms. The animal doesn’t need to be placed in a carrier or transported in a vehicle, which in itself, can be stressful.

Animals are stressed by unfamiliar sensations. New sounds, smells, people or other animals can add a lot of stress to your pet. With a mobile vet the only thing new is a single person, the vet, coming to your pet?s home. No assistants, or technicians, no unfamiliar animals or people.

The checkup typically begins and ends with treats, belly rubs and ear scratches, which if you didn?t know are your pet’s favorite things.

Less stress for the pet usually means less stress for the owner as well. You should consider your own anxiety level, your pet can sense how you are feeling and as your emotions begin to react so will theirs.


Mobile veterinarians take special precautions when traveling from patient to patient making sure illness-causing bacteria and viruses are not being transferred. Aside from the vet, your dog or cat isn?t exposed to any other strangers. Limiting contact with different people and different animals significantly reduces the risk of transferring illness.

Your pet’s immune system is a priority but so is its physical safety. If your dog or cat is the type that doesn’t get along well with other animals perhaps a clinic waiting room is not a good place for them to be.

By using a mobile vet your dog or cat is being protected from communicable diseases such as kennel cough and parvovirus as well as confrontations with other animals.


When someone is considering a mobile vet service one of their main concerns is the extra cost. Having a professional come to you has the stigma of being a luxury service reserved for the more wealthy. But this isn’t true when it comes to the veterinary world.

rottweilerWith a traditional vet, you will be paying the vet fees, but you will also need to cover the cost of transporting your pet to the clinic. This can include gas or cab fare, and if you don’t own a pet carrier you’ll need to purchase one of those as well.

Depending on your working situation you will need to book time off from your job and the amount of time you take off will need to include the time for transportation.

As you can see the expenses don’t stop at the vet bill and can quickly compound.

The cost of the mobile vet includes the service fees and any wages lost due to taking time off so that you can be there when the vet arrives. That’s it!

We believe there is a value to your piece of mind as well though. Stress is a very real issue in our daily lives. It’s not healthy for you or your pet. So what kind of value do you place on your own happiness and the happiness of your pet?

When you’re evaluating this decision for yourself consider the value of your emotional health and the emotional health of your pet that is achieved through a more relaxing and calming experience with a mobile vet service.


There are limitations on what services a mobile vet can offer. Unless you have a sterilized operating room or an x-ray machine in your home, you’ll need to visit a clinic for more complicated procedures.

At Dahl Mobile Veterinary Service, if a patient requires services we aren’t able to offer we refer them to animal hospitals that match our high standard and commitment to quality.

Traditional vets offer a full range of services. While some procedures require a specialist, most local clinics can arrange for a specialist to be called in or can refer you to a clinic with a specialist on-site.

Contact us to learn what services we offer and if we can’t help your pet we will refer you to someone that can.


In today’s insanely busy world there is a lot to be said for convenience. Not so many years ago convenience wasn’t given the appreciation it deserves. Today we work around the clock, we are expected to do more with less. We needed to be at the meeting across town 15 minutes ago and wouldn?t you know there?s a traffic jam.

beautiful-tabby-catIs your anxiety level rising just thinking about how busy you are? You’re not alone! Stress is a major health concern for us and our pets.

Personally if I can avoid sitting in one more traffic jam or construction site that would be appreciated. Wouldn’t it be more convenient for you to schedule an appointment with a mobile vet during a time you knew you would be home?


We hope after reading this article you now realize that a mobile vet service is a great option when choosing a healthcare provider for your dog or cat.

Whether a traditional vet or a mobile vet is your animal’s best option comes down to you and your pet. Both have advantages. Now when it’s time to have a medical checkup, you are better educated to make the choice that is best for both of you.

Do you have more questions about how a mobile vet might be the best choice for your pet? Contact us today at Dahl Mobile Veterinary Services and we will answer any questions you might have.


Did you know...

The most important time to
socialize a puppy is between
6 and 14 weeks of age.
Puppies and kittens start to lose
baby teeth and have adult teeth
erupt at 4 months of age.
Plaque turns to tartar in 36 hours,
this is why teeth brushing should
be done at least one a day.
Fees are comparable to
those of a vet clinic.
Hard chew objects can break
your dogs’ teeth, leading to a
dental surgery with extractions.
Cats prefer to eat food at
fresh killed body temperature,
not refridgerated temperature.
Xylitol, a common sugarless
sweetener in some gums and
candies can kill dogs.
One tylenol can kill a cat
(never use Tylenol
for any animal).
There are more than 3,000
species of mosquitoes.
There are at least 20 species
that transmit heartworm.
Cats have to eat meat to live
(obligate carnivores),
but dogs can be vegetarian.
Vomiting in dogs and cats
is not normal. They do vomit,
and some quite frequently,
but it is a problem that
should be checked out.
80% of dogs and 70% of cats
will have some dental disease
by age 3.
Cats do not have a collar bone,
and this is one reason why
they are so flexible.
Fleas can jump 350 times
their body length.