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Dog owners, much like their trusted companions, exemplify loyalty. It’s not unusual to hear a proud owner espousing the superior qualities of their chosen breed, and using their own pet as the benchmark for perfection.

  • Poodles, too smart!
  • Huskies are the happiest dogs, they even smile.
  • Corgis are the royal dog, you know?

People have become so obsessed with dog lineage that canine DNA testing services are a booming business, allowing even the rescue-dog owners to get in on some friendly bragging.

With nearly 350 different dog breeds recognized by the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale), canine purists have a lot to discuss, but this blog post focuses on the 5 most common breeds in 2018 according to the American Kennel Club.

Labrador Retrievers

black-labrador-retriever Dahl Mobile VetThe Labrador retriever can come in golden, black or chocolate brown colourings and is described as friendly, active and outgoing. Labs were recognized as the most common breed of dog in 2018, but there?s nothing common about how social these dogs are.

Labs have become the iconic family dog of North America and are known as friendly, playful and goodhearted animals.

The breed first came onto the radar in the early 1800s when Engish nobles encountered it in New Foundland, Canada (it?s not known why the breed is named after Labrador, Canada).

German Shepherds

german-shepherd Dahl Mobile VetIf the Labrador retriever is the icon of North American family dogs, then the German shepherd is the icon of working dogs. German shepherds are described as confident, courageous and smart, and are known for their steadfast loyalty.

That loyalty doesn’t come easy. New owners will often notice German shepherds can be aloof, keeping their distance at first, until a bond can be established and solidified. It takes time for a German shepherd to make friends, but once they do, they’re friends for life.

While the breed is most recognized as the dog of police and military forces the world over, its traits of intelligence, trainability, stealth, speed, and agility were forged working in the pastures of Germany.

Golden Retrievers

golden-retriever Dahl Mobile VetYou’ll recognize this breed from its starring roles in the Hollywood franchise AirBud and televised appearances on the popular 90s sitcom Full House. Goldens trace their heritage back to the Scottish Highlands of the 1800s where they were thought to be the perfect hunting dog.

Described as intelligent, friendly and devoted golden retrievers enjoy a busy schedule to keep them entertained.

Despite being easy to train, a golden retriever is thought to keep its puppy charm and playfulness throughout its life.

French Bulldogs

french-bulldog Dahl Mobile VetDescribed as adaptable, playful, and smart, the French bulldog is enjoying a moment in the spotlight. And why not? Those unique, bat-like ears and big curious eyes.

As a Frenchie owner might tell you, these dogs are reluctant to bark but very alert, making them excellent watchdogs, but their small stature means they’ll need some backup if they’re expected to work the security detail.

Despite its regional name, the French bulldog has roots in England. It wasn’t until the industrial revolution when English craftsmen relocated to Northern France that the toy bulldog began its journey to becoming the French bulldog we know and love today.


bulldog Dahl Mobile VetBulldogs are considered friendly, courageous and calm, and have become a symbol of tenacity. Though their past is a dark one, originally bred as fighting dogs, bulldogs have rebounded from the brink of extinction to become one of today’s most popular breeds.

Despite their small size, bulldogs can weigh up to 50lbs, making them an extremely heavy lapdog.

Does Breed Matter?

A dog’s breed can have a small impact on its personality and temperament, but the disposition of your pet is more influenced by the type of owner it has been raised by. A responsible owner, who socializes their dog will enjoy a rewarding relationship. Check out this post to learn more about socializing cats and dogs.

There’s a strong argument for avoiding the snobbery of dog breeds and opting for a rescue dog. You might not know their exact lineage, but you won’t mind that when you get your adopted dog home for the first time and see the gratitude in its eyes. If you’re interested in adopting a cat or dog, visit your local humane society.


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