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About Dahl Mobile Veterinary Services

In the beginning

After graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph in 1993, I moved to Barrie and worked in a small animal practice for 10 years. Eventually I moved to the London area and have been offering locum services to the small animal clinics here. By working in different hospitals, I gained experience not only in medicine and surgery, but also in client communication and service, and saw different approaches to problems. I strive to offer great medical care and superior communication service, by not only addressing the needs of your pets, but in helping you to be able to give your pets a good and healthy life.

A new practice

I opened Dahl Mobile Veterinary Services to allow me to achieve my own professional goals and offer you health care for your beloved pets that is both convenient for you and comfortable for your pets.

It is a mutual goal, I believe, that you should understand what we are doing to your pets and why. For this reason, I spend time in welcoming and answering your questions. I believe that a veterinarian and a pet owner need to work together to deliver the best health care to our pets. After all, dogs and cats are family members!

Mobile is accessable

An important section of clientele I want to help out is our senior citizens. These pet owners may no longer be as mobile themselves, yet they are an important segment of our population that needs to be served.

In your home, I am able to give your dog or cat a physical exam, including weighing them, collecting a blood or urine or fecal sample if necessary (these samples are sent to a laboratory for testing), trimming their nails, treating minor aliments such as ear infections (sometimes sedation is necessary and I am able to do this)  and helping address behavioral problems (such as house training, socialization, etc). I also offer guidance and counseling for end of life care decisions. I offer in home euthanasia and aftercare through Pets Above, a crematory service for pets.

What it’s all about

I am passionate about offering your pets good quality medicine, so they may have the best quality of life possible. I will work with you to achieve this.


Did you know...

The most important time to
socialize a puppy is between
6 and 14 weeks of age.
Puppies and kittens start to lose
baby teeth and have adult teeth
erupt at 4 months of age.
Plaque turns to tartar in 36 hours,
this is why teeth brushing should
be done at least one a day.
Fees are comparable to
those of a vet clinic.
Hard chew objects can break
your dogs’ teeth, leading to a
dental surgery with extractions.
Cats prefer to eat food at
fresh killed body temperature,
not refridgerated temperature.
Xylitol, a common sugarless
sweetener in some gums and
candies can kill dogs.
One tylenol can kill a cat
(never use Tylenol
for any animal).
There are more than 3,000
species of mosquitoes.
There are at least 20 species
that transmit heartworm.
Cats have to eat meat to live
(obligate carnivores),
but dogs can be vegetarian.
Vomiting in dogs and cats
is not normal. They do vomit,
and some quite frequently,
but it is a problem that
should be checked out.
80% of dogs and 70% of cats
will have some dental disease
by age 3.
Cats do not have a collar bone,
and this is one reason why
they are so flexible.
Fleas can jump 350 times
their body length.