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I understand that you love your pets as much as you love your family and that includes keeping them safe and protected from disease. Some pets do not travel well, some owners have no access to transportation, and some owners have multiple pets, so with a mobile veterinary service, I am able to offer veterinary care in the comfort of your own home.

The benefits of mobile veterinarian services are:

  • no office room waiting
  • less stress for you and your pet
  • convenient, personal and private service
  • prices are comparable to visiting a vet clinic

There are some limitations to my services, and for surgery, xrays and hospitalization, I will refer you to a veterinary hospital.

Services offered at Dahl Mobile Veterinary Services

I can perform a wide range of veterinary care on house calls, including:

  • Physical examinations and consultations for dogs and cats:

    From tip to tail, I examine your pets’ teeth, eyes and ears, I listen to their heart and lungs, I feel their abdomen to check for any pain or abnormal feeling organs, I will check their joints for any pain and may watch them walk around to look for lameness/limping, I will take a look at their skin/fur and look for problems.

  • Preventative medicine, which includes vaccinations and deworming:

    Preventative medicine includes the vaccines that your dog or cat needs to stay healthy, such as the rabies vaccine, distemper and parvo for dogs, upper respiratory virus and feline leukemia for cats. Deworming for all puppies and kittens, and for adult animals if they are at risk. Flea prevention for both dogs and cats, and tick and heartworm prevention for dogs.

  • Puppy and kitten wellness plans:

    Starting at 8 weeks of age all puppies and kittens are given their first set of vaccines, which are boosted again at 12 and 16 weeks of age. I will also discuss parasites with you and give you the appropriate medications your pet needs. We can also go over some basic behaviour and training.

  • Senior or geriatric pet health assessments.
  • Diagnostic testing, including blood, urine and fecal tests:

    Diagnostic tests are heartworm testing for dogs, wellness screens which check your pets internal organs, fecal tests are looking for parasites, urine testing if your pet is showing signs of a bladder infection.

  • Minor surgeries which can be done with light sedation and local anesthetics.
  • Information and counselling on nutrition and problem prevention.
  • Counselling on behavioural problems.
  • Counselling with end of life decisions and performing euthanasias:

    It is an honour and blessing for veterinarians to be able to help an animal end their life with peace and dignity so they do not need to suffer. This is an emotional and difficult decision, but I am able to help make it less stressful for both pets and owners when this is offered in the comfort and privacy of your home. Pets are examined, sedated and when the owners are ready, an intravenous injection is given to peacefully end a pet’s life. I provide cremation services (through Pets Above), communal and private cremations are available, and your pets’ ashes are returned in a tasteful urn, that you have chosen. There are other memorializations available to owners.


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